Using web-feeds to create a free, open & grass-root network of social media!


1) Teaser: ~4min, a very quick  opener.
Quickly introduces the basic idea, what the solution aims at, the main building block, and points out that the most important parts of the solution are already in place for years.


2) Monopolies &
the Internet Bill Of Rights

~18mins, on what we start from: briefly touches on the current situation of social media: who’s child they are and what they have turned out to do to us and to our civil rights. Then discusses what I see as the two facts central to the current situation. Finally touches on the proposed idea of an Internet Bill Of Rights,
and how much I think this is a helpful solution.


3) Web Feeds & Feed Readers
~35min, on the core of the proposed solution: explains what Web Feeds are and what they are for, how they are used in Feed Readers, and how these together form the basis of an open and diverse social media network.


Videos in the pipeline:

*) Foddr – the server layer.

*) Properties – why this is better, more robust

*) Outlook – parts yet missing and steps to make from here to there

maybe – if asked for:

*) Feed Readers – taking a glance at some


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