Welcome to foddr

This is about social media and how we can reclaim them in a few simple steps.

By now, our our social interactions on the web rely on a few mega corporations which collude with the state and ultimately care for other things than our interests and our civil rights. But the shame is also on us because we went along voluntarily – and hence we are free to turn away and go our own ways anytime.

Luckily, the building blocks for alternative ways have been been in place already for many years, though most of us haven’t taken much notice of that and the role it could play:

RSS-FEEDs have been invented for Web Syndication, that is to communicate the posting of new articles between websites – see this page for an example.

We can easily use these feeds for independent announcement and to build a diverse network of sovereign participants, leaving behind the monopolies…. let me show you how:

Feeds to this blog – one on posts, the other on comments – are at the bottom of the sidebar on the left!